Guatemalan Bull Terrier

Guatemalan Bull Terrier

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The Dogo Guatemalteco is a medium sized, mostly white breed of dog, which superficially resembles the Dogo Argentino but is of separate origin. It was bred by the Gallusser family in Guatemala in the 1930s, and, for the most part, continues to stay there, save a few exceptions in the U.S. This breed was once known as the Guatemalan Bull Terrier, but recently the name has been changed. Attempts are being made to have the breed recognized by the FCI.

The origin for this race is indisputably Guatemalan. In the 1920’s there were already existing speciments of this breed.
In the origins of this breed there was intervention by the large English Bull Terrier (white), Dalmatian and a small percentage of Boxers. The mix was done randomly and the breed was not defined before 1930. Theses early dogs had some big spots of black or brown in their coat and also the spots from the Dalmatian background. However, the spots have been bred out with time.

Because of the influence of the English Bull Terrier, these dogs were called Bull Terrier Guatemalteco throughout the 20th century. Dr. Arturo R. Chavez, veterinarian and Zootechnician, suggested calling the breed Dogo Guatemalteco, and he made a detailed study of this breed to set the standard, for approval and international recognition for this breed through the FCI from Thuin, Belgium.

The first real data that has been able to be proved of this breed goes back to the 1930’s, at which time the characteristics of this breed had already been proved. It is known by relatives of the ex-President Jorge Ubico of Guatemala that he owned this breed. The Dogo Guatemalteco are excellent guardians and good with children.

There are however no known data about their descendants (1935-1944). The Gallusser family is known as pioneers of this breed, because Mr. Arturo Gallusser and his wife were already breeding this dog since 1930. Mr. Arturo Gallusser Jr. (born 1934) and Mr. Richard Gallusser (born 1937) already had these dogs next to their cribs. As he grew up he kept the breed and the breed’s characteristics were perfectly established and were already established as a pure breed. Mr. Arturo’s sons kept up with the breed and decided to breed them since 1944. They have 2 locations for breeding. One is at home in Guatemala City and the other in their ranch Hacienda Dolores. Since the start the Gallusser sons have been breeding these dogs to for over 56 years.

Mr. Arturo Gallusser Jr. currently owns 10 Dogo Guatemaltecos. The dogs are identified with the initials Gallu. Mr. Richard Gallussr, together with Eng. Hector Montenegro (deceased) were the first to register the dogs with the National Canine Genealogical Register. His dogs have the first numbers in the register, as founders of this breed. Among other important breeders were the Urquizu family, who already had these dogs in the 1940’s. Dr. Juan Urquizu (vetenarian) had his first dog in 1948, (a gift from his grandmother). Since then, the Urquizu family has contributed to the promotion of this breed on a national level.

In 1940 Mr. Ricardo Ramirez appreared with dogs of this breed. He had excellent examples of the Dogo Guatemalteco and contributed to improving the breed. His nephew, Mr. Marlon Ramirez continued the breeding with his dog Hrs Chey (1984) which had a lot of descendants.

In 1960 one of the greatest breeders of the Dogo Guatemalteco started his kennel, Eng. Hector Montenegro Vesco & Sons. Mr. Montenegro was one of the founders of the Guatemalan National Association of Dog Breeders (AGCP), together with Dr Alfonso Ruiz Schell (deceased). They made the breed known in Dog Shows. Eng. Hector Montenegro has the honor of being the first breeder registered in the National Genealogical Register with his I.D. Hm Tarzan (1967), Hm Patoja, Hm Daisy. He has the same honor in the Book of Origins of the breed and in the list of Breeders of Guatemalan Association of Dog Breeders (AGCP).

In 1970 new breeders entered the breed, Mr. Francisco Romero and the Eng. Jose Angel Leche. They showed their dogs at the first expositions sponsored by the Guatemalan Girl Scouts, and the Medical Clinical Veterinary Association (1965-1978). They both won in this exposition. Eng. Leche, Eng. Montenegro and Mr. Romero cross breeded their champions and distributed them to all Guatemala and Central America.

There have been a lot of dogs which have not been registered since then. The first Guatemalan Champion (Dogo Guatemalteco) was “SPOT”, born on September 6, 1987, son of male “HUAIPE” and the female “COQUETA”, having as breeders Jeannette Solorzano and owner Willy Cabrera, who was also the owner of “HUAIPE”. The judges by FCI for SPOT were: 1988 – Susy Umana (Columbia) 1988 – Ralph Scoggins (USA) 1989 – Peggy Gutierrez (Mexico) 1990 – Jose Luis Garcia (Mexico) 1991 – Carlos Perez (Venezuela)

The Dogo Guatemalteco is a dog of medium stature, weighs 25-36 kg. (55-79 lb) and stands 56-61 cm. (22-24 inch) at the shoulder. There are also a larger strain of the breed that reaches 55 kg. (121 lb) and 70 cm. (27,5 inch).
The Dogo Guatemalteco is a white dog with occasional black eye patches or head markings. Guatemalans are a rugged dog with a rather thick skin and a smooth dense coat. The tail is cropped and the ears are either left in a natural drop style or can be cropped to a Doberman or Boxer cut.

In Guatemala, whether in the show ring or at home, the dog must posses certain qualities. The dog should not want to be handled by strangers, and if it will not defend the home is considered a totally useless dog. Because of high crime and corruption in Guatemala the dog must defend the home at all costs. In the show ring, if he tries to bite the judge, it is perfectly acceptable. You can feel 100 percent confidant in the presence of this breed being guard dog par excellent.

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