Himalayan Mastiff

Himalayan Mastiff

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Usually when people hear of big dogs they usually think of St. Bernard’s, Irish Wolfhounds, or English Mastiffs; and rarely think of the Himalaya Tibetan Mastiffs-a cousin to the English Mastiffs.

Most often when people think they know everything about dogs, they learn that there is something new. In fact, when people hear that there are Himalayan Tibetan Mastiffs, they are shocked. They never realized that there was another kind or cousin of the English Mastiff. In fact, the Himalayan Tibetan Mastiffs are a newer type of dog for the public.

Just like any other breed of dogs, the Himalayan Tibetan Mastiffs are much like other dogs; especially the English Mastiffs. However, they also have some of their own characteristics unlike the English Mastiffs. In fact, there are many characteristics that you can see between the English Mastiff and the Himalaya Tibetan Mastiffs.

Many times when people hear that there is a Himalaya Tibetan Mastiff, they have no idea what they look like, in fact, they usually think of some kind of ugly dog. However, the Himalayan Tibetan Mastiff is a very good looking dog. If you like the looks of the English Mastiff you will probably also like the looks of the Himalayan Tibetan Mastiffs.

Most often when people get a Himalayan Tibetan Mastiff, they already know all the characteristic of them; however, many people don’t. The Tibetan Mastiff is known by its intelligence, self-confidence, self-awareness, curiosity, and courage. However, if the dog cowers or snaps for no reason, it will not make a good companion. That is definitely when socialization comes in hand; it is very important that they stay socialized. In fact, they are a very independent and can be very head strong. However, they love the company of other animals as well as their human family. 

In some of the Tibetan Mastiffs, barking is a big complaint, however, that may be treated when the dog is a puppy. Also, it has been stated that if they get excessively bored, they may become destructively mischievous. One positive thing that has been stated is that they are very cat-like with their cleanliness and stealth.

When it comes to the looks of the Himalayan Tibetan Mastiff, they are much like the English Mastiff only the Tibetan Mastiff has long hair. Otherwise, they have the same body build as the English Mastiff; 24-26 inches tall.

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