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The Kromfohrlander is a breed of dog that originates in Germany. It is used as a companion dog. The Kromfohrlander is a breed of the 20th century. In 1945, American soldiers marched into Germany from France. One group, arriving in the town of Siegen, Westphalia, was accompanied by a shaggy, tawny dog. Although his family tree was unknown, his appearance and French origin indicated a Breton Griffon (Griffon Fauve de Bretagne). 

The dog was taken in by a townswoman, Use Schleifenbaum. “Peter” became a beloved house pet and later “fell in love” with the next-door neighbor, “Fiffi,” a fe-male of uncertain pedigree, but possibly Fox Terrier extraction. The resulting puppies were uniform and so handsome that Mrs. Schleifenbaum decided to develop them into a new breed. Ten years later, in 1955, she succeeded in having the German Kennel Club officially recognize them, with the FCI giving them the stamp of approval shortly after.

Lively, loyal and obedient, the breed was developed specifically as a companion dog. The muzzle tapers slightly, ears are high and fall in a complete drop, and the happy tail is carried gaily, forming a loose ring over the back. This German terrier carries robust sporting dog proportions.

He is alert, watchful, devoted to his family and does not roam. Since the breed was a happy accident, these dogs do not hunt but are strictly companions and watchdogs. A current German owner relates how Kromfohrlanders are a part of his family and says, “We did not know that dogs could be so intelligent.”

History: The Krom originates from Germany in the 1940s. The first Kroms were the result of an accidental mating two mutts (or possibly a Fox Terrier and a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen). 

The resulting puppies were taken in by a Frau Schleifenbaum, who thought that the puppies were very attractive and decided to try breeding them. They were first recognized for showing in 1955.

Appearance: The Kromfohrländer is sometime said to look like a cross between a retriever and a beagle, and comes in a variety of coat thicknesses: short-haired, long haired and wire-haired. They are white with brown markings ranging from dark to light.

Size: This dog is medium in size Height: 38 cm (15 in.) and 46 cm (18 in.) at the withers. Weight: 10 kg (22 lb) to 14 kg (31 lb)

Temperament: The Krom is a very good-natured dog, and is a reliable hunter and vigilant watchdog. It isn’t especially friendly to children, but will play with kids. It is rather easy to obedience train.

Health: Inherited Stifle-Joint Disease is a known medical problem in this breed.

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